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“Go the extra mile: View each project from the perspective of the Client and do everything possible to help fulfill their vision.”
About ACS Commercial

Whether the client is an Owner, Architect or Designer, ACS Commercial invests personal effort, time, and over 30 years of construction experience to help turn vision into reality. This investment of personal interest, experience and creativity adds tremendous value to each project in both quality and service.

About Scott Lucas, President & Founder

Scott Lucas has his degree in Construction Science from Texas A&M University and over 30 years of construction experience to help his clients achieve the greatest possible value in their projects without sacrificing quality or service.

Scott has gained experience not only in general construction, but also in subcontracting and Owner Representation/Construction Management. His goal in creating ACS Commercial is to provide an exceptionally high level of service and expertise to his clients so that they are not only pleased with the product, but also enjoy the process along the way.

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